Sunshine Coast DJ Lance Halls

Sunshine Coast DJ Lance Halls

About Me

Hi, my name is Lance and I have been a Sunshine Coast DJ for more than a decade. In the past, I have worked in radio, childcare and played in a band. I grew up on the sunshine coast and it’s now where I live with my wife and kids. I couldn’t imagine a better place to raise a family. 

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Early Days

I first became a DJ at the young age of 12 for the Noosa Community Radio. This is where I first had the opportunity to play with a mixer, some music, and a mic. I was all set to supply the local airways with my kind of entertainment. Each week I’d host a 2-hour program mixing my favorite music. This is when I began sourcing out and discovering new music and entertaining listeners recreationally. I loved this platform. Therefore I enjoyed presenting and discovering new and compelling music and it has since become my obsession.  

In my youth, I also collaborated in a Hip/hop group titled the High Knights. This is was when I began writing songs and performing live. Besides playing in smaller venues we also managed to achieve a few festival gigs including the RIPE festival in Noosa. During this time we bought a Public Announcement system and this was when I first got familiar with operating one.

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Radio Days

Further along my path in my pursuit in radio I later got approached by Brad Smart of the Smart Radio Network (later becoming part of the Maquarie Regional Radio Group and since then acquired by Resonate broadcasting). Therefore from the age of 21, I began panelling ads in and out of talk radio and recording voiceovers for advertising and pre-programmed radio shows. In addition to that at age 24, I began as a live announcer hosting the all-request midnight-til-dawn show “Miners Overnight” for miners working the night shift in central QLD. 

ELIte Sounds Entertainment

During this time working in radio, my wife and I had our first child. We were working towards a down payment towards a house and wanted to pay it off a little faster and so I bugged a friend “Rick” who I met during my time in community radio. I asked Rick if I could help him out with some weekend work. Rick saw how well I adapted to crowds of different musical backgrounds. Therefore I began working with him as an offsider. Additionally, I then began doing events on my own using my equipment for Elite Sounds Entertainment. In short, I had the luxury of Rick’s advice at hand to discover how to establish my setup and how to work with clients exceptionally well. This accelerated my craft of becoming a versatile events DJ. 

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Chiild's Play

Sunshine Coast DJ Lance Halls

Maquarie Regional Radio since moved their headquarters inland giving me the choice to follow them or become redundant on the Sunshine Coast. I took this opportunity to expand my skills further in a new direction. Being a father of young children I decided to study my Cert III in childcare to take a more active role in their development and to play games, be creative and entertain young minds for a living. I continued to work at Busy Bee’s Maroochy for 5 years. 

Finding my Feet

Sunshine Coast DJ Lance Halls

I am now 35 and have done more gigs than I can count. I have been working with Elite Sounds for 10 years. Initially, I focused upon offering a “Standard DJ Package.” I have since upgraded my services to include ceremonies with an impressive portable system. I mustn’t forget to mention my stunning new and modern up-lights acquired last year that make for a spectacular upgrade feature. Currently, I am still committed to Elite Sounds Entertainment and I am now also available through Sungroove DJ’s. Most of all I am now excited to provide an all-new opportunity for you to learn about my services through my website.

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