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Sunshine Coast DJ Lance Halls

Feel rest reassured knowing that you won’t have to worry about your music during your ceremony. As a DJ I will play music as your guests are arriving 30 minutes before your ceremony commences. I will be ready to play all the important songs on cue as you walk down the aisle, sign the register, and celebrate becoming a couple. I will then continue to entertain your guests until your departure to proceed with your plans.

*Ceremony Service is only available with a reception booking.

Sunshine Coast wedding ceremony music

Your Ceremony!

Sunshine Coast DJ Lance Halls

Let’s discuss your ceremony in detail and I will prepare a schedule to incorporate the preparation music set to play at specific cue points to highlight each special moment. I will provide you with a document for confirmation to ensure that I can deliver a precise service.

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Sunshine Coast DJ Lance Halls Ceremony Playlist

Here is my Spotify Playlist of popular music used for ceremonies on the sunshine coast.

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Sunshine Coast DJ Lance Halls
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